Welcome to the webpage and blog of Hearthstone Chimney and Masonry. I decided to add a blog feature to my website for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, I thought a blog would be an excellent way to showcase both the work I do and my approach to that work. I consider myself a craftsperson and really do take pride in the quality of service I offer. In fact, that pride and a growing knowledge base was what led me to start my own chimney and masonry company in 2009.

After working for some of the larger chimney sweeping companies in the Northern Virginia area for several years, I became increasingly frustrated with the emphasis on making high pressure sales and completing projects in the shortest amount of time possible. Many companies will visit six, eight, or even ten houses in a single day. Coupled with the commuting times of NOVA traffic, that doesn’t leave time for a more than cursory inspection or chimney cleaning, let alone any repair work.

I’ve chosen to operate my company on different principles. Because I don’t overbook my schedule, I am able to give every project and every cleaning the attention it deserves. It also means I have the time to talk with homeowners and answer any questions they may have. My job as a contractor is to impart my knowledge base to the homeowner to help them make the best decision for their home, which fits their needs and budget.

I believe that the surest path to success lies in being open and knowledgeable, and that taking the time to do quality work benefits both my reputation as a contractor and my customers’ investment in home and property. I invite you to peruse the website and blog, and hope that the information I put up here will be of benefit.

Matt Shiff