Chimney Cleaning

Stainless steel liners being installed

The National Fire Protection Association recommends homeowners have their fireplaces and chimneys inspected and cleaned at least once a year. Creosote buildup in the chimney can easily ignite, resulting in a chimney fire. Chimney fires burn incredibly hot, sometimes reaching 2000 degrees, and pose a danger to life and property. Hearthstone Chimney and Masonry uses wire brushes and high powered vacuums to remove creosote buildup safely and cleanly. Every chimney and furnace sweep includes a full visual inspection of the chimney inside and out. This chimney inspection can reveal potential safety or structural problems such as cracked flue tiles, damaged mortar and bricks, and faulty flashing. An annual inspection allows us to catch problems when they are small and manageable, and helps save homeowners’ money and frustration.


Of all the areas of a house, the chimney is probably exposed to the harshest conditions. Fire, smoke, and creosote eat away at the chimney liner and fireplace, while water and the freeze/thaw cycle break down the chimney crown, bricks, and mortar. Hearthstone Chimney and Masonry offers a full range of repair service, including the installation of stainless steel liners for your fireplace or furnace, new cement crowns, firebox repair, power washing, top mounted dampers, and waterproofing.